Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yet another evacuation?

When Jack Froggatt stopped by for a very quick visit this morning, the news wasn't so good for Jamesburg. The fire has jumped the dozer lines and spot fires are burning in the White Oak area. They are hoping to snuff out these fires before they get a hold so there's a lot of air activity, a lot of engines and crews moving up the road.

The land this side of the ridge hasn't burned in a long while so there's plenty of fuel and the firefighters have to wait for the air support to drench the area before it's safe for them to enter the forest and fight the fire on the ground.

A small crew from Berkeley are now working on preparing this site.

Neighbours report that cars are being stopped at the junction of Tassajara Road and Carmel Valley Road. One of the fire crew believes that this area went to a Mandatory Evacuation in the last 30 minutes.

With the fire so active it will be a while before the road over the hill is cleared.


Anonymous said...

All the more reason to send more people into Tassjara by helicopter.

Jane said...

Leslie, Keith, Kathleen, Chris, my heart's with you--and with all in the area, from the Nasons and all down the road, Jamesburg, Cachagua folk, animals wild and companion, the horses, the cows, the birds, all.

On another matter (sorry if someone saw this and already posted to the last day's entry, if this is a repeat, as I haven't caught up), here's a little article from Newsweek someone just emailed me:

(Read through to the last sentence.)

May all beings be safe,


kathy whilden said...

Yes Jane, that's a great piece, send more money and send more monks.

Joan said...

Keith, Leslie and Jamesburg crew.
To remind you, there is space here for you if there is a need to evacuate. All morning I've been watching helicopters scoop water from a pond at the Reservation and fly toward Jamesburg, hopefully preparing the area above you for the ground crew.
May all beings be safe.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Kathleen,Chris,Leslie,Keith, Sonja, Steve and everyone else~
Thinking of you throughout my day and sending you well wishes from Omaha,Nebraska. Be well and thank you for all your dedicated efforts.

Hands palm-to-palm and hugs!

Tony said...

As best as I can tell, Jamesburg is now under a MANDATORY evacuation.

MistyFog said...

I am glad that Tassajara was spared. Thanks to those who made this possible. I am concerned that Jamesburg is threatened and am wishing for the safety for all of you, your neighbors, and all other living creatures that have been, are, or will be affected by this fire.

ruuku said...

any word about conditions and staff at tassajara zmc today, besides firefighter blog that said they fought spot fires in the afternoon? may everyone without exception be safe and well. -Luke

Anonymous said...

I understand there is a letter/interview with David, the director of Tassajara making the rounds at City Center. Could you please make that available on the website for all of us?

Marsha said...

Leslie, Keith, Sonja, I am holding you in my heart. May everyone be safe and may this fire end. Please take care and thank you for all your efforts.