Thursday, July 17, 2008


Of course we all have questions about when we can get back into Tassajara. The main first step is for the road to open. That is up to the Forest Service and the County. No new word on that today, but for sure a few days away at least. They are still burning, hardly any smoke in the air here because the wind is blowing the other way.

The other necessary step is for there to be a viable compost shed at Tassajara before we are all there making compost. Keith and Steve Stuckey are talking on the phone right now about how to do that. In the meantime, I heard that the four at Tassajara are keeping the compost buckets in the walk-in.

Thank you to all those people who have offered to come to help. Please keep checking the Zen Center web site where we will say what we need as we know it. Also, Jane, we are talking about how to gather information that we have all learned in these fires and floods. I heard that Ted and Steve had a conversation at GGF.

I also heard that the trees in Tassajara all seem to be fine, including, miraculously, the big oak at the Birdhouse.


Anonymous said...

I love Tass and its region cos of how gorgeously beaut it is and how decently the SFZC hasn't buggered around with it.
I reckon the greater percetile of Zen practise is pure gibberish but the adoration of nature and simplicity is nothing but a hunter-gatherer refrain transposed into a contemp setting and that alone is i reckon worthy of respect.
If one could get the whole Sangha eating a low carb, evol. correct diet with a few pharm. grade fish oil oils thrown in for good measure i'd happily spend my life there.As it is the relaxing wondrous calming effetcs of habitat selection are undone by the woefully poor nutrition from an evol. standpoint.
The lads and lass who stayed well good for them in part.
Lets please not forget that had they literally been burnt to a crisp the folks who might be peeved would be thanking their lucky stars they hadn't stayed/gone back.
It's an unfair world(read about power laws) and if they stayed when the agreement was for all to leave then thats crappy but if folks who left are peeved then they should have stayed or gone back.

Kaku-On Ho-Kai said...

Thank you to each and everyone who contributed to an outcome far more favorable than could have been imagined. I have yet to be able to visit Tassajara, as fate seems to frequently intervene in my efforts to be there. I would dearly love to come help with clean-up repairs or supporting those things. Please let me know what I can do ( As to the carping about the agreement to go: impermanence. Each walks a unique path in the universe - who is to say what another should do?

with deep bows to the Buddha that is every person,

JT said...

Re: the compost shed.

When I was there in the '80s the compost shed was constructed. If memory serves it was built on the concrete base of the old one. Prior to the newer shed the concrete bins were simply covered with sheets of plywood held in place with large rocks. I spent part of a practice period rolling those rocks off and on the plywood covers to empty numerous buckets of compost. The racoons seemed to be able to occasionally figure out how to move the big rocks, which I believe is what prompted the shed being built.

Although not ideal it would be a serviceable temporary solution if the fire only damaged the shed and not the concrete base.