Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy Day

Many things changed with the downgrading of the Mandatory Evacuation. Tassajara and Zen Center decided this morning that we would invite all of the residents to return on Tuesday, 7/22. So I have spent the day calling people with the great news of "come on home".

We are going to try to open the guest season by August 3. We aren't sure that we can do it, but we will try. Most of what must happen is cleaning up, which we are good at. There are a few fences to re-build and that compost shed to repair.

Many of the neighbors here at Jamesburg are out shopping and picking up their long awaited mail. It is good to see everyone again. We said a sad good-bye to our great benefactor, Jack Froggatt, Branch commander for this area. We hope to see him again some day in easier circumstances. Thank you, Jack.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie--That's great, that people can go back in and you can begin the cleanup. It would be also great if you could continue to post here daily, and just let us know what you're doing, how its going, etc. This has been so good to refer to....thanks much, Karin

Joan said...

Thank you Leslie for taking such good care of this blog. It has become a daily lifeline of information which I hope you will continue. It would be good to hear details of the road's condition, and how people feel, going back and seeing all the changes so dramatically shown in the great collection of photos. The events of the last month have brought the greater Sangha closer and the blogs have helped make this happen. I, for one, am addicted.

hogwild said...

Hi Leslie-
I am wondering what the condition is of the photovoltaic panels. Did the MC cables get burnt? Please pass this along to Keith or Graham.

Anonymous said...

......and let's all bring Fred Nason lots of cookies

Anonymous said...

Ho lalalalalaa !!!!!!!
LEsly and Kathelin And Chris
IS silvia Kohen here now in Ashland !!!!
Sooo imprtesed so gratefull so thankfull smiling and crying and rejoicing at the fierseness of all the people involved in saving TAssajara and dealing soooo close with the fire!!!
an example to behold
All my Love and appretiation
Hope to see you soon
Silvia kohen

Pennie aka: pndoodles said...

Fantastic news. :)

laura said...

I would also love to continue reading updates. I've been following events from Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and now Nigeria, so grateful for the wonders of the internet and the bloggers' dedication to keeping us all informed and connected. THANK YOU!