Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Morning July 2nd

The sky is clear and it's a day off for some of us here at Jamesburg so we're heading out to try to find some clean air for a while. In the meantime...

Inciweb seems to be back up and working. Responsibiility for fighting the Basin Complex fires is split between two management teams, Tassajara is in the East Zone.

This Google Earth overlay shows that the fire didn't get any closer to Tassajara overnight. Note that to get the latest satellite information you have to reload this file so I have the link as a bookmark in the browser and don't save the CONUS data to My Places when I close Google Earth.


Tim said...

For people without Google Earth or who have difficulty finding Tassajara, we have started posting Google Earth grabs on the Zen Center web site. Our intention is to update this map daily, around midday. On the bottom of the map, we've added a little navigation to go back and forth in time. Sadly, we haven't figured out how to post future maps, yet.

mb in Port Angeles said...

Thankyou, thankyou. Google Earth gives my PC fits for some reason. I installed it to view the fire, and then had to take it out, do system restore, etc., to mop up the electronic nerve storm. Keep those grabs coming.

Miriam B.
ZMC resident in something like 1979-1982