Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just sitting...

Lots of activity here in Jamesburg this morning. Up the road. Down the road. Cheese into fridge. Cheese out of... Well, maybe not yet.

Anyway, over the hill in Tassajara, we think that they're now running on a work period schedule. Which means that zazen is once more on the schedule, and no longer an optional activity as it has been since the fire bounced almost everyone out of the zendo a month ago.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to see from far away that people are returning and that clean-up is underway.

I have not been to Tassajara but know people close to me who have lived there.

The final five and the fire prep crew all were truly amazing. I followed your blog anxiously and, well, it is safe to say that I could not have mustered the courage to stand in the middle of a forest fire.

I know that for some of those who were evacuated prior to the prep crew the selection process and departure proved emotionally wrenching. They were torn but did what they were asked to do and left.

This appears to me from a distance to have been a well thought out and sensitive process by the leadership. Others who are closer to the community may or may not agree with that, but crisis, emotions (and blog comments!), are tough combinations to sort out from afar. This stuff can be wrenching.

Regardless, (and for what an outsider's opinion is worth) I hope that all who were living at Tassajara (just before the fire) will be asked to come home to Tassajara by the leadership to gather, thank, practice and support each other. Some may not be coming back to stay but should, at least be part of a something like a day of gratitude.

If I were in the leadership (I never would be as I don't even know how to lead myself) I would forget focussing for too much longer on the final five or any number and simply use "all of us" those who stayed or not. The five certainly deserve the recognition they are receiving and deserve a heroes round of applause at a gratitude ceremony but to go on pointing them out much longer may not be healthy for what looks like a loving community.

I hope this does not offend or upset. Just thoughts on a digital wave.

I am inspired by all of you. Truly.

Janet said...

I am so very grateful for your writings and photos and have been checking in often (daily?!). I've been sitting with you as you have been sitting with fire. I'm looking forward to seeing you during our annual trek in late August. Many, many thanks again. Warmest regards, Janet (Jeanne's mom)

anonemous said...

... aaaahhh

andy_handler said...

Please let Steph know I can give her a ride.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is important to many of us on the outside. No word since the morning of the 23. What is happening. Did the other students get over the road. You must be very busy, but we're waiting.