Friday, July 4, 2008

On the other side of the hills have a blog that's updated frequently with news of the fire over at Big Sur.

Xasáuan Today normally writes for 'a small audience of aging beatniks, social and environmental justice advocates, cyclists, and backwoods retro-grouch types' but now they are posting news of the fire. They also have a good page of fire related links.

Ventana Wilderness Forum has a discussion of the fire that often contains breaking news first. As it's an unmoderated forum, they advise you to '
...keep it civil and take it with a grain of salt'.

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Renshin Judy Bunce said...

Tassajara was on the front page of the Chronicle this morning:
The whole article's not online, but the front page shows the beginning of extensive and excellent comments from Judith Randall.