Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday evening

Most of the Jamesburg crew went in to Tassajara today to deliver the shopping and pick up the trash. And to bring out a couple of people who need to visit the dentist, and who must now wait out here with the rest of us. This I have been told:

Everyone at Tassajara is in good spirits and seem much more rested now that the schedule has eased off a little. They wanted you all to know that humor is still part of their lives and that they are enjoying having something to do that they believe in. In some unusual ways it's still very much Tassajara.

They asked about the people who had to leave and how they are doing. They wanted to know if there is any way in which they can help them maintain a connection to Tassajara.

One noticeable change to the schedule is that there is now a nightshift watch. Two teams of two people are on watch through the night, the first team from 9:30pm to 2:30am when the second takes watch until the wake-up bell.

Kathleen talked to Stuart Carlson (a fire-captain friend of Tassajara) who was very positive about the work done to construct the defensible space. He emphasised that in his experience the places that survive fires have been those that have made similar improvements, for example, the firelines down to the soil that now encircle Tassajara, the regular watering of the surrounding foliage, the sprinkler system.

Tassajara is now in the area managed by the team from the Indians fire. The Information Officer for this fire is now making daily visits to Jamesburg and today he told us that all he had heard about Tassajara indicated that it can be defended against the fire.

He brought with him this morning's map of the fire which showed a movement towards Tassajara in the area approaching the Oryoki Bowls, and that the fire was now well established in the Tassajara Creek drainage.

The weather forecast for the next couple of days is for north-west winds which could bring the fire closer.


CK said...

I so appreciate this blog and the daily postings to it. Thank you for taking the time to keep all who are not at Tassajara informed.

As the Mom of a member of the Tassajara crew (Tim Kroll is my son), and as someone who lives far away (I am in North Carolina), I am so grateful to be kept up-to-date on the activities there. The news media here on the East coast gives us minimal news on the California fires, so I go to this blog every morning and every evening to get my information. Thanks and keep well.
- Carolyn Kroll

Mad said...

What do you mean by 'approaching the oryoki bowls?'

He brought with him this morning's map of the fire which showed a movement towards Tassajara in the area approaching the Oryoki Bowls,

I too really appreciate the blog and all the info. here and on sfzc.org. I'm a guest hoping to make my retreat in August. Thank you!

sending cool, wet thoughts...


revmyo said...

Thanks for the info... But, please, how is Monkeybat doing? :-)


lies and judi said...

Thank you all so much for your hard work and updates...wish we could be there to help. Tassajara is our favorite place on earth and we'll be chanting the Smokey the Bear sutra every morning. Love, Lies and Judi

Tim said...


The Oryoki Bowls are a formation of three ponds up river from Tassajara, well within hiking distance, and so named because each one gets progressively larger, there are three of them, and they are very round, like the formal oryoki bowls monks eat from at Tassajara.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for this blog and all the updates. I thank all who have stayed to protect our precious and beloved Tassajara. May the winds shift, the fire retreat, and you stay strong in your task. Abby Diamond

Anonymous said...

A friend and I visited Tassajara for the first time on the weekend that the Indians Fire started. I saw the smoke plumming up as we started climbing out of the canyon on our way home and it so concerned me that I insisted we go back to check to see if the Zen Center was aware of it (they were). I've been watching this fire and the Basin Complex fire since it started. It took me 14 years to visit since I first learned of this special place while attending DLI in Monterey (I kept my horse about a mile from Jamesburg). As soon as we arrived, my friend and I were thinking about how soon we could come back. My biggest regret is that it took me so long to visit. Please know that I too am so grateful for this blog - I check it several times a day to get updates. I will continue to send love, light, positive energy, and prayers for the best possible and realistic outcome. Hugs to you all!!

Sara said...

It is wonderful to have this connection to Tassajara. I am glad that there are dedicated people helping to protect what we hold precious. Please do not endanger yourselves. Last night Sonja rode into to our sitting at the Cherry Center with me. The sangha chanted for the wellbeing of all beings who are affected by the fire. Sara