Thursday, July 17, 2008


We at Jamesburg are asked to keep the updates coming, so here's the latest - if uneventful - report:
The phones are quiet this morning. The crew at Tassajara is working on the documentation of the events of July 9th & 10th, with the help of Stuart Carlson & others. Jack hasn't stopped by yet. Yesterday he told us that a replacement crew would be shadowing in the next few days - his tour is almost over. He is hopeful that "the service will continue." We are unspeakably grateful for his hard work and kindness... and we feel relieved for him. There are still about 2,000 personnel working on the Basin Complex Fire. And of course, so many more throughout the state of California. Thank You to each of you for laboring on behalf of us all.


carol said...

The Google maps show new fire only a little more than 2 miles from Jamesburg in one direction and a little more than 3 in the other - is that backfiring?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these reports, eventful or uneventful. I have enjoyed every one of them. And especially the very rich, thoughtful, and open-hearted comments! I find this to be an excellent use of this technology.

And Mako's photographs are stunning!

teah said...

i don't have your phone number or email address. i hope you get this as a response to your inquiry.

People who ask to help should watch the site for when we are able to receive help.
Right now, we don't have a way of knowing or tracking what we will need and
what is being offered.

if you'd like more information you can call the city center office i think. Although i don't think they'll know much more. we have to wait for the road to reopen.

meanwhile, it's nice to hear from you and i hope you're well and that you get this,


Anonymous said...

Holy guacamole, Batman, I didn't think the admiration, appreciation and gratitude that I'd held in my heart for the Tassajara Five could possibly grow any greater, until I saw Mako Voelkel's pictures. Yes, fire in nature is necessary and, well, natural, but this was a freakin war and the blaze, with it's seemingly insatiable appetite, was an unwanted guest at the dining table; and for sure, in that moment, the enemy.

The words I have seem mostly inadequate to convey my feelings, except to offer a huge reiteration of all the previous thanks posted on this blog for all that the five of you did in the face of what must have been one of the greatest challenges of your lives.

Wow, I am humbly in awe.
Bill B.