Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th - morning

It's cool and still here this morning which is good news. The fire hasn't moved much closer to either Tassajara or Jamesburg overnight. The morning incident report on Inciweb reports, 'Isolated pockets of surface fire with occasional single tree torching and moderated fire behavior due to higher relative humidity.'

We've used a donation to buy better breathing masks for the resident firecrew.

A crew from NBC TV news followed our car over the hill so if you're close to a TV tonight...

Several fire trucks went up the road with flags fluttering as a sign that there's a holiday out there. We hope you however you choose to celebrate your independence that it's safe and heartening. We're planning some cookies here.

Abott Steve Stucky is still in Tassajara.


Anonymous said...

Best to you all choosing to remain at our beloved Tassajara during this time. Thank you for your efforts. While it is a holiday, you, and all the others in harm's way are in our thoughts.

Maggie said...

I'm very grateful for your blog. Know that there's lots of us out here wishing you well.
May all beings be liberated.

Nate said...

hurray for new breathing masks!

Bobbi said...

I feel interdependence with those of you reading the blog, and fear and love for those of you in Jamesburg and Tassajara. So many jewels...Thank you for keeping us informed.