Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More road closures

Carmel Valley Road is now open only to residents from just outside Carmel Valley Village to Arroyo Seco Road.

The helibase at the junction of Carmel Valley Road and Tassajara Road is slowly getting busier. More engines, cars and trucks, more tents, a grove of porta-pottys.

We're seeing much more activity in the area with convoys of trucks or engines moving up and down the road - they seem to go in teams of 5.

Yesterday afternoon, we passed one such team parked in the shade just above Jamesburg. The crews were waiting outside their engines, some of them passing the time by playing hacky sack in the road. When we returned they were gone.


catwrangler said...

Hmm...maybe a donation of hacky sack for firefighters?

Inside Source said...

A few Residents left Tassajara late yesterday 7/07 after all were told this was their last chance to go.

Jamesburg Crew said...

Two people did leave late yesterday. Another may leave tomorrow... Someone else has to go on July 24th... The gate seems open to me.

I've heard nothing about this 'last chance'.

What the people there were asked to think about was whether they were willing to ride out the fire down at Tassajara.

They want to start training everyone in the various fire-crew jobs so that there is some flexibility about staffing and don't want to train people who aren't going to stay when the fire arrives.


Anonymous said...

What does "ride out the fire" mean exactly? If it means fight an historic blaze head on with minimal experience and little to no supplies, what is the point?

catwrangler said...

I think it is obvious that everyone has been given an option to stay or to leave. Each decision is up to the individual. Just as some people have decided to stay to fight fire at their homes here in Goleta or in Big Sur - people are going to want to stay to fight for Tassajara.

Even if some of us would choose to go (no matter what our love of Tassajara is) we have to respect those that have decided to stay and try to defend the property. Not only are they defending their 'home' but they are defending something more than that - an idea, a place, a retreat, a family or something else that maybe only they know. Just as I think you can't put blame or imply weakness in those that leave (whether their choice or not) - we shouldn't do the same to those that stay.

No one wants anyone to be injured but everyone is an adult. They are master of their own ship no matter how good a sailor they may be.

No one can make anyone stay but their leaving will of course be contingent on what vehicles are coming in and out and what is available to them.

I for one am watching this site closely as well as other information on the fire. I hope for the best for everyone.


Alec said...

I don't hear anyone "putting blame" or implying weakness. Neither do I think it is just a simple matter of each person making an individual informed decision. There is a certain amount of group loyalty which asserts itself in this situation. At some point leadership needs to make a group decision which needs to be followed. I just hope it's the right one. May all be safe, please God!

ruuku said...
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ruuku said...

has anyone heard about an exit strategy? i would think senior staff are watching how close fires are to the Road, as much, if not more than fires are to our temple. those latest red dots to the NW of tass. are just as close to the road as tass itself. whatever with 'fighting' the fire, I trust we are dancing with it. the dance floor changes size at will. warm wishes -Luke