Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is happening down there?

The short story is that Tassajara is currently threatened by two wildfires, the Indians fire which has been burning for a couple of weeks south-east of us and, to the north-east, the Basin complex of fires that were started by lightning on Saturday June 21st.

Tassajara has been closed to guests for a couple of days and most of the students moved out today leaving a few people with intimate knowledge of the plant and equipment to stay with the firefighters.

This map shows the locations of the fires as of this morning.

The Indians fire does not seem to be moving towards Tassajara. However the risk of back-burning for this fire running out of control was one of the reasons for this morning's evacuation.

The Basin fire is directly threatening us and the information briefings for the past couple of days have stated that the Basin fire continues to burn south and east towards the Tassajara Hot Springs Resort area.

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