Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How can I find out more?

You can stay informed about the progress of the fire at these sites:

Inciweb The official information site. This site hasn't been able to cope with the traffic volume since the wave of lightning strikes and is usually offline or very out-of-date.

Los Padres The current conditions in the Los Padres National Forest with links to short incident reports for both fires each morning and evening.

Wildlandfire is a site for the wildland firefighter. The forums sometimes have information unavailable elsewhere: Indians fire, Basin complex. If you have time on your hands they have a page of useful links to various maps and mapping applications.

A looping satellite image can be found here. This often shows impressive smoke clouds moving away from the fires especially in the afternoon.

If you have Google Earth you can download this file and you'll have access to the current information from the geospatial wildfire-mapping program of the USDA Forest Service.

KUSP The local public radio stations are the most useful local sources that I've found for news about the fires.

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