Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our furry friends

Our furry teachers had to be evacuated too:

Ginger went with Alec to a friend's house for the night, looking unhappy at having to ride in the kennel in the back of the truck instead of her rightful place in the cab. She's relaxed and well and may move on to Green Gulch or Alec's Mom's house tomorrow.

Lumpkin is staying with a neighbour, Phyllis, in Jamesburg.

MonkeyBat has moved into the Jamesburg zendo where she has a devoted team of students tending to her.


Alec Henderson said...

Ginger has never had to ride in the back of the truck in her Kennel. She has always occupied her exhalted position within the cab of my truck and she always will!

Alec Henderson said...

Ginger and I are currently at my mother's house in Orinda. Yesterday we drove here from Shin Qwan's house in Redwood City. Today we are probably moving back towards home and staying with Jean-Marie in Santa Cruz.

During this exodus Ginger has been an absolute first rate canine zen practioner. She has exhibited patience and equanimity to a degree far exceeding my own.

During our initial evacuation from Tassajara, while Monkey Bat was crawling all over the seats, Ginger went to great pains to keep from stepping on her even though she was jerked around by the bumby road.

Our first night at Shin Qwan's Ginger was allowed to stay in the house. she slept quietly next to the couch where I was sleeping only nudging me gently once to go outside to pee.

On our way to Orinda we got caught behind a multiple fatality accident on the 880 (on 880 for you No. Cal idiom nuts). We had to pick our way through a serpentine and circuitous
route through Hayward and up to the 580. Even though she was thirsty and tired Ginger never complained.

When we arrived at my mother's house on Grissly Peak, Ginger had to contend with a new love interest. Santana, my mother's German Shepard/Rotweiller mix.

Santana was immediately smitten but Ginger remained politely cicumspect. For the first few hours, whenever Santana would approach me to say "hi", Ginger would lunge between us and stand him down to protect me. She gradually became more tolerant of his approaches but she still maintains a wary eye of caution lest I fall into danger.

Her loyalty and her protectivness of me are truly sweet and have brought me to tears.

I know that she is sad and misses everyone but she rarely shows it. Last night she slept at the foot of my bed in my mother's guest room. At every sound in the night she stood next to me and was ready to defend.

I miss everyone too.

Please be well everyone.

With all my love,


Tim said...

Thanks for this post, Alec. Please give Ginger a little lovin' from me.