Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday night

We've been out shopping today. Well, life goes on (toilet paper and tissues) and life changes (electrolyte powder, oxygen and hoses, hoses and more yet hoses).

There's news and photos from Tassajara on the SFZC site.

One of the best sites I've found for information on the fire is the Firefighter Blog. When I read this site, I try to keep in mind that the forest needs to burn.

If you were confused by all that talk of dozer lines in the previous post there's a simple map here.


karennani said...

Hi Leslie, Keith and all Tassajara Friends, My heart is with you every day sending love, light and rain.
I am trying to sit with all possible outcomes, but I have great resistance to Tassajara being consumed by a wildfire. I feel I am already there for my annual summer visit.
Love Karen Nani Apana

Nate said...

Exciting... I'm so glad to see the remaining residents appearing happy & healthy. The new sprinkler systems look promising and it's heartening to see firehose arriving in such quantity.

Thank you!

Ginger the Wonder Dog said...

please check out my new blog at

love, Ginger

Anonymous said...

To the people responsible for taking and posting the photos: THANK YOU. They mean so very much to those of us who are far away. . .

Tim said...

Just added a link on SFZC's site with a story from KION, a local TV station, on Tassajara monks staying to fight the fire. Includes lot's of shots of preparations and interview with David and Mako.

Monks Fight Basin Complex Fire To Save Monastery

Chris vLS said...

Thank you so much for the effort and information in the blog. The links are great as well.

Perhaps, when things are calmer, we could find out an address to send cards of thanks to the crews.

Gassho --


Mike said...

Hello, thanks for the kind words and link to Firefighter Blog. I think about you guys every day the fire burns. You will be safe in my opinion. The firefighters will do all they can to make it so!