Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday morning

The weather here is cool, with little wind. The air is quite hazy. The fires are reported to have been quiet overnight.

We expect a group of 65 firefighters to arrive at Tassajara around lunchtime to stay for three nights. We assume they are coming to help prepare the site for if the fire arrives. The group comprises 2 engine crews, 30 inmate firefighters and 21 union men.

I remember being impressed by the amount of work the inmate crews did at Tassajara for the Kirk Complex fire - working for early parole, and $1 an hour when they're on a fire-line.

There are also several dozers staging on Tassajara Road before starting work on reworking the old fire-lines up on the ridge.

11:15 update: 4 dozers have moved on to the ridge, 1 unloading from the truck here at Jamesburg.


Anonymous said...

A few days ago I called my friend at the Los Angeles Times to ask them to do a story about Tassjara and our efforts to save her.

The Times has assigned a reporter, Eric Bailey, to write the story for Saturday's paper. Mr. Bailey and a photographer are now on site at Tassajara. During our conversation yesterday Mr. Bailey expressed his hope that the story would help to mobilize efforts to save Tassjara.

Dana V said...

We'll keep a look out for the article and link to it when it's published. Thank you, Anonymous!
Dana Velden
ZC Secretary

Tim said...
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Tim said...

Thanks "anonymous!" I have sent requests to the Monterey Hearld, and haven't heard back. Of course, the LA Times has a huge reach.

kathy whilden said...

Do you have to feed and shelter the fire crew or do they come with thier own support system?
Kathy W

Alec Henderson said...

Hi everyone!

I have created a google group for all of us who have been displaced by the fire and our friends family and loved ones. Please join and tell us you are well and hopefully provide contact information so we can all stay in touch and be of love and support for one another.

Ginger and I miss you all!

The link to the group is below. i will try to get a link on the SFZC website as well. Kathleen, can you post this link to this blog?

all my love, Alec

Nate said...

Chris: Will you please post a list of the Tassajarans who stayed behind?

Djinn said...

Hi everyone,
It's hard to get into the Google friends site with the URL that Alec posted above (and thanks, darling, for doing it - I really appreciate it) so try tassajara-students-connect but without a space before tassajara. I love you all, miss you all, and hope we all get to see each other soon. Much love from Djinn in Arizona.

Anna Marie said...

I am very much concerned about Tassajara and everyone. Thank you for this site and the information that you have posted. Having to endure the backcountry fire in Santa Barbara last year, the idea of being on pins and needles about Tass this year is unsettling.

clarissa said...

Hi -
I'm a reporter with the Herald in Monterey and trying to find the creator of this blog.
Please call me at 648-1171.

Museum said...

I just wanted to say that Tassajara and the entire communty (staff and guests) are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so much for this site where we can check. It helps to ease some of the helplessness I feel as a disabled student, far away and unable to do more than hold this place in my heart.

Tim said...

Looks like the LA Times has photos from Tassajara up:
Wildfire closes in on Big Sur.

Solkoff Group said...

I am looking forward to coming to Tassajara for my very first time in a few weeks. I am visualizing a nice big rain cloud settling over the space. Thank you to those who have stayed behind and to those who are keeping people up to date. === Scott

Renshin Judy Bunce said...

What a wonderful useful website. Thank you so much for keeping us posted.
- Ren at City Center

Suzanne said...

I was at Tassajara doing guest practice when the fires started. My times at Tassajara have been very special and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit in the zendo with my friends/family, spend time snuggling monkeybat, practice mindfulness while cleaning cabins, and soak in the therapeutic hotsprings. Tassajara and its community have become a very important part of my life and it's frustrating being here in Phoenix unable to help. So-I am sending you all of the positive thoughts, energy and deep bows I can muster. If there is anything I can do, please let me know (chat on phone, send goodies, WHATEVER). I love you all,

Suzanne from Phoenix

Anonymous said...
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Tim said...
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Tim said...

LA Times Story:
As flames approach Big Sur monastery, monks prepare to fight
(this may be worthy of its own post...)