Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ventana closed

This order prohibits access to a large part of the Ventana Wilderness, making it a crime to be on the land, the roads and the trails in this area. There is now also a typed closure notice from the Monterey County Sherrif stuck on the ROAD CLOSED signs at Jamesburg.

And then there's the state of emergency in Monterey County.

China Camp sign

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Ms. W. said...

Thank you Ven. Jamesburg Team. Your blog is the most helpful source of information yet. I will be checking it regularly and telling others about it. The dotted maps and Forest Service officialese can't really convey what is actually going on in the Valley. Yesterday someone in high in the official realms mentioned that there had been conversation about whether to move the main altar Buddha out of Tassajara or to bury him for safe-keeping. Thinking about this, without more context about what is happening on the ground, sets me to all kinds of terrible curiosity. Like many people, I wish I could be there--thank you for your support of Tassajara and thank you for this blog.