Sunday, June 29, 2008

The inmate strike teams leave

This morning the inmate crews left Tassajara to help prepare another site closer to the fire. They assured us that they, or other crews, would be back if the fires get close to Tassajara.

Before they left, the Tassajara residents invited the crews to join them in the morning work-circle where they went around the circle saying their names. The residents expressed their gratitude for the inmates' work, then gasshoed to the inmates and gave each of them a bag of cookies. There were t-shirts for the crew captains and the correctional officers.

The inmates, Strike Teams 1 & 6 from Fenner Canyon, then thanked the residents for the food and the respect with which they'd been received.

During their stay the Strike Teams slept by the pool, using the upper and lower barm bathrooms. They were able to take a shower at the bathhouse and enjoy the plunge for a few minutes.

All of which is evidence of a heartening change in attitudes towards the inmate crews since 1999.


Amy said...

What is the actual status of the fire? How are the folks at Tassajara doing? What are they doing? Are people going to be allowed back in? What other preparations are happening? Is it true that firefighters might do burns on the hillsides directly surrounding Tassajara? How swiftly is the fire moving? Are the Tassajarans keeping in health? How bad is the air? Are they resting? I really appreciate this blog, but it would be nice to hear more specific news and updates that relate to Tassajarans. Thanks.

Nate said...


Also: a deep bow to the inmates for their efforts.

Tim said...

News of the progress on fire lines around Tassajara by the U.S. Forest service:
Fire closes in on Big Sur homes
(LA Times 6/29/2008)

Alec said...

Yes, how about keeping us up to date on who's there, how and when will others be allowed. What is the fire status? Etc We are all feeling kinda left out of the loop out here. A little help please.

Chris D said...

I don't know the history there: what were the attitudes towards the inmates in 1999?