Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jamesburg notice

We've just had a visit from an Information Officer from the Fire Management Team. She told us that they are going to post an Advisory Evacuation Order for the Jamesburg and Cachagua areas tonight.

An Advisory notice is the first of three levels. Basically it's a heads-up to get the large animals to safety and to either move out ahead of the fleeing hordes or think about what we'd like to take with us when we run from the flames at the doorstep.

They are issuing the order because they are expecting the wind to change direction and start blowing from the south-east. And bring with it the chance of yet more lightning...

She also talked about how they were going to start revisiting the dozer lines from the Marble Cone (1977) and Kirk Complex (1999) fires as the containment box for the Basin Complex. We'd be on the outside of that box but Tassajara would be smack in the middle as the north edge of the Indians fire would be the south edge of the Basin Complex. Given the terrain, there are no other defensible positions within that area.

She also agreed that the fire, having started so early in the season, could burn for a long while maybe months.

Friday morning: The advisory evacuation notice.


Maia said...


Thank you for posting on this blog. I've been concerned about Gina, though she called me last night to tell me she's okay. She was still at Tassajara as of Wednesday night. If you hear news from her, please let me know, and my prayers with everybody still in there.


Max Swanger said...

Yes, thank you so much for putting up this blog. We are watching on pins and needles. I'm worried about the eight people + firefighters down in the valley of Tassajara.